Welcome to L'Arche Atlantic Region

L'Arche is an international federation of communities where men and women with intellectual disabilities, and those who choose to share life with them, live and work together.

Founded by Canadian Jean Vanier in 1964, L'Arche now has more than 125 communities in 40 countries. In Atlantic Canada there are currently five established L'Arche communities: L'Arche Antigonish, L'Arche Cape Breton, L'Arche Halifax, L'Arche Homefires and L'Arche Saint John.

There are two new L'Arche projects in Atlantic Canada: L'Arche Fredericton, NB and L'Arche Avalon, St. John's, NL.

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L'Arche Antigonish

Situated in the small university town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, L'Arche Antigonish has been operating since 1979 and is home to 22 people with developmental disabilities.

L'Arche Antigonish also operates and provides a summer camp experience during the months of July and August. This day camp welcomes students with learning challenges and furthers our outreach to families. Since our beginning, we have also benefited through our involvement with St. Francis Xavier University.

Community Leader: Gus Leuschner.

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L'Arche Cape Breton

L'Arche Cape Breton was founded in 1983 when Tom and Anne Gunn invited Janet Moore to come and live with their family. Today, we are a community of approximately 50 people. We have six houses, an apartment, a chapel, a hermitage, a house of welcome and retreat, a small garden, and a full work program called L'Arche Works, including a used clothing store, a workshop, a day program, and an integrated work placement program with the local businesses.

L'Arche Cape Breton is perhaps best known for its rural setting and its simple lifestyle. We seek to live simply, in solidarity with those with disabilities, and with unemployed and marginalized people everywhere. Community Leader: Lisa Poirier-Sinclair.

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L'Arche Halifax

L'Arche Halifax is a faith-based community committed to living the vision and mission of L'Arche in the multi-cultural, multi-racial urban environment of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Toward that end, we are currently working toward the foundation of L'Arche homes in the greater Halifax area, the establishment of work and activity programs in an environment that fosters personal growth, and the strengthening of our community through our Sunday gatherings and other social events.

All are welcome to join us at our monthly gathering which takes place at St. Agnes Church hall on the second Sunday of the Month from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Community Leader: Kelly Geddes-Pfaff.

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L'Arche Homefires

L'Arche Homefires began in Wolfville, a small University town located about one hour west of Halifax in Nova Scotia, in 1981. We are a community of 5 homes in the local area, a candle making workshop (Applewicks), a day Program (Cornerstone) and a small retirement program (Discoveries).

We sell candles and weaving in our store on Gaspereau Ave. Presently we provide home for 20 core members (people with disabilities) as well as welcoming assistants from many countries of the world.

Community Leader: Ingrid Blais.

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L'Arche Saint John

The seed of L'Arche Saint John was first planted in 1991, when an ecumenical faith fellowship began meeting to nurture a vision for this community. Over years of gathering regularly for activities, worship, and celebration, the groupís vision grew and spread.

Finally, in 2005, L'Arche Saint John was able to open the doors of its first home, named McKim House in memory of George and Charlotte McKim, whose dedication played a key role in bringing L'Arche to New Brunswick.

Community Leader: Jocelyn Worster.

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L'Arche Atlantic Region
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